There was a time when hyperbole worked…

I remember all those ugly banner ads, popping all over most of the websites I visited. That good old “this green coffee variety is proven to induce weight loss in JUST 7 days” and that “here’s a soap to bring back your virginity”.

They’re as fresh as lemons to my memory.

There was a time when people fell for those types of advertising. The hyperbole. The overpromise of the moon and stars laid down in front of you. The promise for a cure for something that is still incurable.

Gone are those days. People got sick and tired of overpromising and underperformance. We’re just done with the b.s, honestly. 

So what’s the solution here?

Simple, really. We go back to who we really are and what makes us trustworthy. 

Be honest about your promise. 

If you can’t deliver that nice little thing on or before Sunday, then don’t say so. If your peanut butter sandwich isn’t the best in town and you don’t have the numbers and people to testify to that, then find something else to define your product. You’re not the best if it’s only you think that you’re the best.

Why do you think some say “All Marketers are Liars”?

Well, the story we tell is not truthful enough for us to be trusted, not collectively anyway. 

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