About Vergielyn Cubol

Hi. I’m Vergielyn. And I might be the one you’re looking for.

That is, if you are in search of someone who can write snazzy, irresistibly smart, and results-driven copy yet is still in control of her caffeine intake.

If you don’t want your product, your brand, or your services to sound like everyone else, then I’m your gal for the job. I’ve got more than 10 years of copywriting experience across industries and niches. I have helped businesses shape up, nurture, and humanize their brands. My works are powered by caffeine and the strong desire to overcome self-loathing, writer’s block, and procrastination.

I Can Help You With:
  • Everything copy – writing, editing, audit, developing your brand’s tone of voice and writing style.
  • Editing – because someone’s gonna have to make things right
  • Concepting – pick on my brains. I don’t mind.
  • Finding the best coffee shop in town – just because
Since 2011 I have:
  • worked with over 200 clients and brands across industries including tech, cosmetics, arts, foods, travels and SMEs
  • written 56 landing pages, 42 sales pages and 3651 product descriptions and labels.
  • walked many miles, climbed 27 peaks in the Philippines, roamed 87 of its cities and traveled to 4 countries to curb writer’s block


Where do you find inspiration for your work?

At times from an imaginary serial killer I call DEADLINE. Sometimes, I pick them from dark alleys. Most of the time, they’re just in my coffee.

How long have you been doing this?

A decade and counting.  I can’t move on. This job also pays the bill pretty well. So I’m not going anywhere soon.

What’s the last book you read?

Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki. Yes, I’m trying to learn more about money.

Are you down for a collaboration?

Sure, let’s talk about it. I’m almost certain that when creatives get together amazing things are bound to happen. Use the contact form to get in-touch.


Could we set up a Zoom / Skype video conference.

(Yes, only if you want to talk to my chair). Voice call only, please.

Where do you live in the Philippines?

I jump from places to places. Sometimes I am in Manila but most of the time I’m in Central Visayas or somewhere in Mindanao.

How do I say your name?

Three syllables: ver-je-len.

Is it okey with you to do a test or free trial work?

If that free trial doesn’t need more than an hour of work, then the answer is Yes. Just shoot in a message using the contact form and let me see what I can do.